Covid -19 TC10K
Atlas have set a challenge for people to go out and complete a 10k ,either one of the routes that we have set up ,or on a route of their own . a treadmill can be used if you would rather say inside .
The reason we have makes out routes in different town's is simply so that you can compare your time over the distance against other members of your own club or town. 
please remember the social distancing rules if you are taking part. you can run with a family member .
We are allowing everyone the whole month of May to submit your fastest time over the 10k route.
To enter and be in with a chance of winning a prize for being the fastest Male or Female all you have to do is buy one the Bandanas shown below. They are £5 and that's delivery included for anyone that live in the UK, anywhere else might have a bit added for delivery.You can buy one by paying £5 to our PayPal account . 
PayPal.Me/atlasrunning  or if you haven't got a PayPal account you can do a bank transfer into Atlas Running , sort code 95-06-79 , account number 90081817
The reason for setting this challenge is to try and keep everyone training hard , i know most at the moment are probably going out and racking up the miles so they can get out of the house.but remember when this is all back to some sort of normallity there will be loads of 5k and 10k races .