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12th April 2024

This years route can be found here

and you can follow the runners by tracking them .all you need is their number ,then follow the number on the map. 

It can also be found on our Facebook page, just click on the link ,then enlarge it and follow everyone. 

this years medal



Friday 12th April 2024

Start - 12 noon St James Gate Dublin
Finish - Europa Hotel Belfast
Cut Off - 30 hrs time limit
Distance -  173km
Limited - open

Event Fee -  

 £79.50 with own crew

£95.40 With Atlas Running crewing

£169.60 Team relay with own crew


Trackers must not be turned off. The SOS button should only be pressed in the case of an emergency.  in the case of retirement trackers must be handed in or sent back to atlasrunning at 27 Lough road ,Ballywollen, Crossgar Downpatrick BT30 9dt N.Ireland . If you lose the tracker you will have to pay the company we hire them from to replace it.

Check points
We will have water and food at the check points for those that are being crewed by the Atlas running team.

Drop bags

competitors are aloud 2 drop bags. bags must be marked with  your name and race number 
Drop bag 1 is at 40 miles 
Drop bag  2 is at 70 miles
Please do not keep valuables in drop bag.
Drop bag can only be reclaimed at these points and at the finish.

Cut Offs

There is 3 cut offs 
40 miles - 10 midnight
70 miles - 8am 

Finish     -  6pm
Any competitor not reaching these checkpoints before the  cut off will be withdrawn from the event.
Any competitor that is stationary for more than 40mins will be asked to stop

First Aid

There is medical cover for this event.  In the case of an emergency press the SOS  button on the tracker and phone 999.  Someone from race HQ will come and find you.

Contract tracing

We will need from everyone that's running, crewing ,buddie running, or helps you out along the way telephone number and Name , reason for this is that ,if anyone taking part or helping out contracts Covid -19 we will be able to track everyone down and inform them .so we can get everyone tested.

Support Crews

  If your crew is in a vehicle  the competitor  can only get in the vehicle for warmth rest and nourishment.  But if the vehicle moves you will be disqualified.  If a crew member gets out of a vehicle they must wear a hi viz top.


Pacers are not allowed. You can run with others that are taking part in the race .This is a race and wouldn't be fair to others if you had others pacing you ,and if you have paid to take part why should others run that haven't.


It is the competitors and their crews own responsible to stay visible at night time - hi viz / head torch etc must be used.

Race Numbers
Race numbers must be worn on front at all times as you will be marked off as you pass each check Point. 


All competitors must notify race HQ immediately on retiring.or if you drop behind a schedule in line with a cut off time. Which will mean automatic retirement. 
In the case of retirement try and get to a checkpoint where we can try and give you left to the nearest station or the finish. 

Compulsory Kit

All competitors must carry a foil 'space' blanket, a mobile phone fully charged with all race HQ contact numbers and full waterproofs 


Carry enough money in case on an emergency or retirement.


All competitors must carry a map and our GPX of the route.

Final information  you will find all the info in the pdf file below, as soon as we put it up.

race numbers and tracker numbers will be announced as soon as i get them back from the company tracking the race

All tracker numbers can be seen on our facebook page ,and on the link below.

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