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Last One Standing

10th Feb 2024 Florence Court

The last one standing starts at 12 noon, runners will have 1 hour to complete the first 4.2 mile loop and be at the start line ready to go again at 1pm, then again at 2pm and so on. Any runner not finished inside the time limit and at the start ready to start again will be disqualified. This will happen every hour until there is only one runner at the start line, this runner will be the last one standing. This runner must complete a solo loop inside the time limit to be crowned the winner. All runners with the exception of the winner will be an official DNF(did not finish) and will get a medal to prove it. Any competitor still in the race at 24hrs 100.8 mile will receive an atlasrunning 100mile medal.

This race is not about being the fastest! Remember at the start of each loop/race all surviving runners are on a equal standing.

Pacing is everything!

Though the course is not flat, it can easily be completed inside the 1 hour time limit, but you must finish every loop inside the time limit to stay in the race.

There will be a food and drinks table,  at the start and finish area.

There will be a qualified medical team on site to deal with medical emergencies for the duration of the event. The first aidpoint will be at the start/finish area. If you have any medical conditions or on medication at the time of the event please write your details on the back of your race number.

Night time running..... you will need a torch/headtorch.

All runners in the last one standing ultra will get a Top and a medal. The last female and male runner standing, will get a Last One Standing Trophy. 

If the last person standing gets timed out on their last lap, then there will be no winner.


LOS event   £65.00


 Saturday 10th Feb 2024  between 10am and 11.40am at the Atlas running trailor

Start area is at the Marquee's 

and the start times are as follows:

Last one standing ultra 12 noon

The Start

Course for 2024 , starting and finishing at the Marquee's, and its  around the grounds.

Runners can put up gazebos and tents at start finish area.

There is toilets  at start finish area.

Race Day Contact

Race director

ADRIAN DAYE 07876560015

Last One Standing
Last One Standing
Last One Standing
Last One Standing
Last One Standing
Last One Standing
Last One Standing
Last One Standing

Final Info

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